Interiors With A Higher Purpose

Each and every day we find ourselves in physical environments that effect how we think and feel. In subtle but real ways, certain colors, the air quality, the lighting, and even the placement of objects, are elements that effect our experience in that space. Ever finding yourself distracted by such an element suggests there is an adjustment to make that would increase your satisfaction. But, just how do we go about making an adjustment. And, what element, once changed, will most likely produce the experience we want .

Of course, we don't have a say in every environment. So, where we don't, there's nothing to do. But, there are certain environments, or at least spaces within them, in which we have complete control. So, in these we have the opportunity to create a space in which we can feel supported and even uplifted. Your home may be one space in which you alone have authority to create what you want. Though, to do so, you must be able to identify what that is.

Our work begins with a conversation about the space in question and what its purpose will be. Will it be a space for entertaining or meditating? Concentrating or creating? Enjoying a meal or a romantic evening? Once identified, we'll explore various ways to make the space conducive to it's purpose and a powerful expression of your individuality and Truest Self.

Initial consultation: $200.00
Hourly fee: $75.00
Travel Time: no charge within city limits.

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