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While we may all agree that the character of a person is what really matters, we nevertheless form opinions of others by the personal image they project. Consciously or not. No sighted individual is immune. 

How one's clothing fits, the colors and style, whether the clothing looks dated or out worn; From head to toe, clothing and grooming make an impact. And, we can either let that impact be a product of our unconsciousness or a personally designed and intentional statement of our worth. 

Therefore, like it or not, the appearance we project will contribute to how others think, feel, listen, and respond toward us.

But, could our appearance effect our own thoughts and feelings we internalize about ourselves?  

We've all heard that when you look your best, you feel your best. And, we've all had some evidence that this is true. Most likely you, at one point or another, had the opportunity to observe your mood somewhat elevated once you put more thought than usual into getting dressed. I call that, a heightened sense of Self. You may have even noticed being more present and engaged. Authentically. And, that's the point. 

To varying degrees, we all concern ourselves with how others see us. But, this concern overshadows what really matters; How we see, think, and feel about ourselves and our ability to express ourselves uninhibited by self doubt and authentically

In private, one on one sessions, you will be coached to identify the traits, attitude, and vision you want your image to affirm. You'll use these characteristics to guide your choices in creating your perfect wardrobe. And, we'll identify the first steps to take. We may also take a look at your existing wardrobe, making distinctions about what works and why relative to projecting these characteristics.

Follow up shopping can be scheduled to further develop the insights necessary for you to choose wisely and begin building a wardrobe that affirms and reflects your True Self.

Initial Consultation: $150.00
Hourly fee thereafter: $100.00
Travel Time: No Charge within city.

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