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It goes without saying that we live life hoping to have a positive impact on our circumstances and relationships and, ultimately, the satisfaction we experience in both. Though we may not be crystal clear about or able to specifically articulate the impact we want, we will feel the disappointment of failing to have it. And, when this becomes too familiar and painful a pattern, we begin putting more attention on trying to avoid what we don't want than identifying what we do.

It would seem asking ourselves "what do I want" would be a simple way to begin reversing such patterns. And, simple, it is. Easy, however, it's not. But, this is where this coaching begins.

This coaching is based on the premise that within each of us is a relationship we have with ourselves. That the dialogue that exists within this relationship affects it's quality. And, that in turn, the quality of this relationship either empowers our ability to be authentic, proactive, and to create what we want or forces us to perpetuate  automaticity and the reactive behavior that keeps us stuck in unwanted patterns.

If there are certain circumstances or relationships in your life that you've been wanting greater satisfaction within, and are willing to consider the relationship with your Self a catalyst to produce such results, this coaching will be powerfully effective.

Each safe and secure one on one session is designed for you to gain clarity of what you want and recognition of why you deserve it. Most profoundly, you'll recreate a relationship with your Self to be a source of empowerment; Enabling you to act and communicate with greater authenticity and produce more of what you want within the circumstances and relationships of your life.

Hourly Fee: $100.00
Sessions may be conducted by phone when travel is not possible.

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